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A Recipe for Success in Intellectual Property Litigation

Fabrice Vergez, Philippe Haddad, and Cindy Brown operate a thriving and popular neighborhood bistro in the Ritz Carlton Residences in Buckhead using the trade name “F&B.”  They knew, like all businesses know, that a very important key to their continued success was protecting the goodwill attendant to their trade name.  Understandably, then, they were concerned to discover that a company out of Dallas, Texas was planning on opening a restaurant less than two (2) miles away from their location using the confusingly similar trade name “AF+B.”  Unwilling to stomach such unfair competition, they turned to seasoned business attorneys.

Cary Ichter and William Daniel Davis contacted the competing restaurant.  They retained a major law firm in California, which refused to acknowledge the validity of F&B’s concerns.  Cary Ichter and William Daniel Davis responded promptly with a simple but devastatingly effective legal strategy: they filed suit in Georgia for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction to halt this competing restaurant from opening and operating using the trade name “AF+B.”  Less than a week later, the competing restaurant capitulated and promised not to use this name.  The result was total victory for F&B at a minimum of time and expense.

When you have no choice but to fight to protect your businesses’ interests, Ichter Davis is ready to swing into action on your behalf.  Give our experienced business attorneys a call at (404) 869-7600 so we can cooperatively formulate a winning recipe.  High stakes, corporate giants and big law firms don’t give us heartburn—we relish them.  Bon appétit!

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