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Bill Clinton Is Next by Attorney Cary Ichter

Next: Bill Clinton Gets His Due

Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Kevin Spacey, John Conyers, Roy Moore, and, of course, Donald Trump.  Hmmmm.  Who am I leaving out.  Oh, of course, Slick Willie—Bill Clinton.

They say time heals all wounds. In this case, however, it appears time has allowed Democrats for the first time to see wounds—wounds that have existed for generations.

Juanita Broaddrick accused Clinton of raping her in 1978; Kathleen Willey accused Clinton of groping her without consent in 1993; and Paula Jones accused Clinton of exposing himself to her in 1991 and sexually harassing her. Rather than support these women, the left—of all genders—attempted to destroy them.  Why?  Political expedience. The agenda was more important than these women.

And, now, today, these same people who threw Clinton’s accusers under the bus, revile conservatives in Alabama who refuse to abandon Roy Moore because the politics of the moment are more important to them than are the injuries done to Moore’s accusers. I am hardly an apologist for Moore, but I am definitely acutely sensitive to blatant hypocrisy.

So, who is wrong in all this? THEY ALL ARE. There is right, and there is wrong.  The harassers (particularly Moore, who apparently preyed on minors) should be condemned by friend and foe alike. Their friends, who placed politics ahead of honor, justice and fairness, should be condemned not only for enabling these wretched pigs, they should also be condemned for creating a culture that has transmitted the message: “You can be as bad as you are good.”  If you are good politician, producer, actor, or business leader, you can get away with being a wretched human being; you can prey upon the weak and defenseless; you can rob them of innocence and dignity.

The other thing worth reflecting upon is this: It is the constant claim of the Left that they protect the little guy—the weak and powerless. But if these sex scandals tell us anything, they tell us that people in power who proudly identify as liberals or progressives are perfectly willing to exploit and use the powerless when it is to their advantage; that the Left cannot be trusted with power over us all. The hypocrisy of the purported defenders of the powerless—who would in one moment preach about women’s rights and in the next moment exploit women in the most vile possible way—in this moment is reminiscent of the defenders of Clinton in the 1990s.

Yes, exploitation occurs on both sides of the aisle. Yes, hypocrisy can be found wearing all political stripes. It is a rare occasion, however, that hypocrisy becomes so vividly displayed.

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