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Ichter Davis, LLC Continues Their Support of University of West Georgia by Cary Ichter

The University of West Georgia recently recognized my support of the institution with the Cary Ichter Presidential Scholarship. After having endowed the scholarship in 2004 for the benefit of University…

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Apparently, the chattering class is all in a tizzy about a company named Cambridge Analytica that accessed certain Facebook information–things like their name, location, email or friends list—and used it…

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Death to Drug Dealers? – By Cary Ichter

What is it with the Trump administration and the War on Drugs?  News Flash for Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions: The War on Drugs is not the same as the…

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All the Franchisor’s Charges – All of Your Disappearing Money — by Cary Ichter

Franchisors often make quite a bit of their money from taking kickbacks from suppliers, real estate brokers, general contractors, or anyone else they say franchisee must use—despite what the franchise…

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Bill Clinton Is Next by Attorney Cary Ichter

Next: Bill Clinton Gets His Due Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Kevin Spacey, John Conyers, Roy Moore, and, of course, Donald Trump.  Hmmmm.  Who am I leaving out.  Oh, of course,…

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