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Georgia Court of Appeals Rules Franchisors May Recover Lost Future Royalty Fees Post-Termination

Franchisees periodically pay royalty fees to their franchisors over the term of their franchise agreements. When a franchise relationship disintegrates, and litigation results, franchisors may seek to recover lost future…

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A Case Study in Contested Probate Proceedings

A last will and testament is the most common (although not necessarily the best) device used to distribute a person’s earthly possessions upon his or her death.  To be effective, however, a…

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Spousal Guaranties in the Franchise Relationship

Franchisors often require the owners of its corporate franchisees to sign personal guaranties, which are agreements by which those persons assume the responsibilities, e.g., payment obligations, of the franchised entity.  Some franchisors, however,…

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Five Things You Should—But Might Not—Know About Pregnancy Discrimination

You don’t need to be a lawyer or a HR specialist to know that, as a private employer with fifteen or more employees, you cannot make hiring, firing, and other…

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Georgia’s New Law on Automatic Renewal Provisions in Service Contracts

Virtually everyone is likely a party to some service contract with an automatic renewal provision—think of your contract with your cable provider or gym.  These provisions commonly state that the contract…

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