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Ichter Davis, LLC Continues Their Support of University of West Georgia by Cary Ichter

The University of West Georgia recently recognized my support of the institution with the Cary Ichter Presidential Scholarship.

After having endowed the scholarship in 2004 for the benefit of University of West Georgia students who are members of the UWG debate team, I was inspired to fund the Scholarship by my own experience at what was then West Georgia College.

I debated for four years at West Georgia College.  My senior year my partner and I were ranked No. 7 in the country and received a first-round bid to the National Debate Tournament, and I was named Southern Debater of the Year by Samford University. Although I had to work nights at Kroger unloading trucks to cover part of my college expenses (scholarship money cannot be dedicated to beer), I could not have made it through school without the benefit of my debate scholarship.

As a consequence, it meant a great deal to me that Nick Charles, the current recipient of the Cary Ichter Scholarship, described how the scholarship has made his college experience more valuable and meaningful.  Mr. Charles reported, “The Ichter Scholarship has freed me from academic stress, enabled a deep engagement with every class I have had the privilege to take at UWG and has been a motivator of my success in intercollegiate debate.  It has been an integral part of my experience at UWG, especially at a school where so many students seek full- and part-time employment.”

Success is not truly meaningful until it is shared.  There is no more appropriate avenue for the sharing of success than in the place, and with the people, who helped create that success. West Georgia College has grown to be the University of West Georgia, and a skinny kid, driving a broken-down VW has grown to be something more as well—and definitely not skinny. I am honored to say we have given something meaningful to each other.

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