Our firm creatively and aggressively pursues the payment of receivables—whether reduced to a judgment or not—without running afoul of violating federal or state laws regarding collection practices. We employ a full suite of collection strategies, including sending demand letters, filing lis pendens, recording liens, promulgating post-judgment discovery, garnishing wages and accounts, attaching and levying on real and personal property and negotiating payment schedules, all to protect your rights as a creditor.

Representative cases include:

We have:

  •  Litigated multiple matters alleging violations of the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act in order to unwind the disposition of assets by judgment debtors attempting to frustrate collection efforts;
  • Secured a $167,000 judgment on behalf of an investor in a failed motion picture project on tort rather than contract claims to deter attempted discharge in bankruptcy, and domesticated that judgment in foreign jurisdictions to facilitate collection efforts;
  • Procured Court orders installing receivers to prevent waste and the dissipation of assets by majority shareholders or other control persons in closely-held corporations;
  • Assisted client in purchasing tax sale lien on the property of a bankrupt judgment debtor and ultimately selling same to satisfy the judgment; and
  • Acquired the shares of a judgment debtor in closely-held corporation by means of injunctive relief in order to levy on same.

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