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So, You Want to Collect? What Does your Contract Say?

So, you have entered into a contract.  You have supplied goods or performed services.  Your performance was timely.  Your performance complied with the terms of the agreement.  Now, it is…

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Mediation: It’s Not Just for Litigants Any More

Sometimes, practitioners who practice exclusively in one area of the law ought to wander aimlessly in the entrails of another area of the law.  You never know what you will…

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What does the Covid-19 pandemic mean for your business?

The sudden cessation of business activity due to social distancing has put small businesses under tremendous financial pressure. If many or even most small businesses cannot service their payables, are…

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Georgia Legislature Passes Enabling Legislation for Statewide Business Court

After different House and Senate bills creating the statewide business court made their way through the legislative process in 2019, the final product passed on Day 40 as HB 239. …

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Georgia House of Representatives Passes Enabling Legislation for Statewide Business Court

In November 2018, Georgia voters approved amending the State Constitution to create a Business Court with statewide jurisdiction.  The General Assembly, however, is still in the process of passing enabling…

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